A decorated athlete and soldier;
and celebrated father and husband.

Jim’s star began to shine far before his outstanding football career at LSU where he won the 2003 BCS National Championship (among numerous other championships and awards). It also started before his service in the U.S. Army where, as a Captain with the 82nd Airborne, he was awarded the Bronze Star in combat.

It actually started long before that, when, driven by making a difference for his family, he lied about his age so he could get a job busing tables after school. His passion for working hard to make a difference in the lives of others is a passion he's carried throughout his life.

As graduate of the Federal Law Enforcement and United States Secret Service Academies, Jim traveled the world protecting President Barack Obama and family, Vice President Joe Biden and family, Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, Vice President Candidate Paul Ryan, and numerous Presidents and Prime Ministers from around the globe.

Prior to the U.S. Secret Service, Jim graduated from Louisiana State University Law Enforcement Academy where he worked as a detective for the Livingston Parish Louisiana Sheriff’s Office.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology/Criminology and a Master’s Degree in Homeland Security. But, despite all of his accomplishments, he’ll tell you that the most cherished of all is his wife and children.


Nothing great is done alone.

Jim Rathmann The Company is collaborative and inclusive. These traits are expressed everyday in Jim’s investigative style. He builds trust and loyal connections with those he is helping, and the same can be said with the experts who support him in fulfilling on the company’s purpose.


Tim Simpson

Tim supports business and creative strategy.
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