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If you ask Jim, his life's mission is dedicated to making a difference for people – and he's good at it. Just look at his track record, at every phase of his life he's been of service to his country, to his community, to his teammates, his family... You get the point. Jim Rathmann The Company has one core purpose:

To examine, investigate and provide closure for those suffering from traumatic events; and, making a difference in the lives of people every day.

Investigative Services

Ask anyone who has worked with Jim and you'll quickly learn he has a unique gift for solving the most complex of cases. He is doing this for families or organizations struggling to find resolution to unsolved cold cases. While also working with businesses to provide intelligence and insight on scenarios challenging their longevity.

Expert Analysis

Don't be surprised to find Jim appearing on major news networks or true crime programming. He brings a fresh and authentic POV.

True Crime TV Personality

Crime TV Personality: Authenticity and vulnerability are two of Jim's best character traits. He connects and collaborates with those he is helping in a personal way. These traits are what make him a star. People want to see behind the curtain and Jim is not afraid to let them in.

Speaking Engagements

Sharing his story is what got him through some tough days after he returned from his tours in Afghanistan. Over time, he's witnessed the positive impact storytelling can have on groups large and small. Jim makes for a great speaker or keynoter for any organization seeking to celebrate the power of being people centered and solution focused.


Jim's passion for helping extends beyond doing the work for others. He is committed to passing along his skills and knowledge to others. By consulting for law enforcement agencies or other departments and/or businesses, Jim is out to expand the reach of families and communities benefiting from more cold cases solved.